In 2014, I relocated to Nova Scotia, Canada, drawn by the burgeoning animation industry in the region. I was fortunate to secure a position in the field in December of that year.

However, the situation changed dramatically when the Nova Scotian Liberal Party proposed significant reductions to the tax credit program that had made the province competitive in the film industry. The proposed cuts of up to 75% would have had a devastating impact on the film and animation sectors, forcing the closure of numerous studios and freelance operations. Additionally, the ripple effect would have been felt in other industries, such as retail and tourism.

Despite these negative impacts the changes were implemented, but thankfully the animation industry was granted an exemption.

In response to these developments, I created a short film entitled “Adapt” as a form of protest. The film was well-received, and a heavily edited version was even featured on CBC News in coverage of the protests in Halifax.

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