Cape Breton University

Welcome to Cape Breton University (CBU). This is the place to become the leader you were meant to be, and to create the kind of impact that will make a difference – all with the help of a supportive, welcoming academic environment. With exclusive programs, a safe and inclusive campus, and the natural beauty of Cape Breton Island, here you can achieve a world-class education and build friendships for life.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Stellar Boar Productions on a project for Cape Breton University, located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The project entailed the creation of four television commercials.

Stellar Boar Productions was responsible for the storyboarding and direction, while my Visitors From Dreams was in charge of the motion graphics and compositing of live-action footage. It was a successful partnership, and we were able to deliver high-quality commercials for the university.

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