Hazmat is a young girl, and the last in her town to be infected with a mysterious disease. Without knowing how long she has left she goes out to find the 8 mysterious ingredients that she thinks will cure her disease while also helping those too far gone to die happy.

In a time-constrained environment, I participated in the RPG Maker Jam #3, and within a span of two days, developed a game using a customized iteration of the RPG Maker MV engine. The theme for the Game Jam was “Contagious” and my submission is an adventure game designed to be completed within 15-20 minutes of playtime. This was my first game release that incorporated the aesthetic of Nintendo’s Gameboy, utilizing a color palette borrowed from the Super Gameboy presentation of The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening on this particular occasion.

The game is available for download at itch.io

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