Shooty and the Catfish

Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded is part RPG, part Visual Novel, and all parts stupid.

Weird things are going on and it’s up to our two hero Monster Hunters, Shooty and Zaat, to solve these unsolvable mysteries, only they aren’t really heroes and they don’t ever really solve anything… Spoilers…

Join them on a wild adventure inspired by some of the many games that were inspired by Earthbound.

Shooty and the Catfish is a turn-based RPG project that was initially proposed as an animated web series to Frederator Studios, known for their work on popular animated series such as Adventure Time and Fairly Odd Parents. Over the course of a six-year development period, the project underwent significant evolution, transitioning from a web series to an episodic game series and ultimately culminating in a standalone game release.

Developed utilizing a heavily customized version of the RPG Maker MV engine, Shooty and the Catfish provides a quirky gameplay experience and a unique episodic narrative structure. As the most ambitious project undertaken by Visitors From Dreams to date, it represents a significant accomplishment.

You can download Shooty and the Catfish: Fully Reloaded from

Prior to the launch of the fully-realized version of “Shooty and the Catfish,” two standalone episodes of the project were released, featuring a simpler aesthetic inspired by the Nintendo Gameboy Color. Interestingly, despite their smaller scale and simpler production, these episodic releases continue to comprise a significant portion of the project’s overall downloads.

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