Sp00nage 2

In 2004, I created the original “Sp00nage” as part of my High School Certificate. The short film tells the story of Catie, an unpopular student who befriends a magical elf named Sp00n who has been exiled from his kingdom for being a nuisance. The original short film also included a fictional trailer for a sequel that was never intended to be produced. However, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of “The Original Sp00nage,” I decided to revisit the concept and create a direct sequel based on the aforementioned trailer.

“Sp00nage 2” marked the final project in which I fully embraced a style of animation characterized by its absurdity and excess. Despite this, it was a meaningful and memorable experience for me.

Written and Directed by Daniel Elliott

Voices by Jessica Hollingsworth, Adam Vierra, and Daniel Elliott

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