The Story Bank

Visitors From Dreams collaborated with Armsign on a museum installation project for The Story Bank on the Fraser Coast, which resulted in the creation of multiple video and audio pieces. The Story Bank, located in Maryborough, is an important cultural site, being the birthplace of esteemed author PL Travers. It was an honor to contribute to this project and be a part of preserving and sharing the history and stories of the Fraser Coast community.

A looping motion graphics piece that explores the idea of Mary Poppins as a reflection of the life and experiences of her creator, PL Travers. The animation serves as an interpretive representation of the connection between the fictional character and the author’s personal narrative.

The piece is a looping animation that centers on the concept of “the hero’s journey” or “monomyth” as popularized by Joseph Campbell. Although I may have personal disagreements with this concept, I recognize its value as a storytelling device and it serves as a visually compelling addition to the Story Bank’s collection of multimedia content.

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