Welcome to the world of Nimbin, a world full of strange characters and even stranger characters. Shooty and Zaat are a team dedicated to solving mysterious monster mysteries, for a price of course, as much as they love what they do they cant do it just for the love ya know. In todays episode a call comes in from a mushroom mining town called Grit where strange things are definitely afoot!

Shooty and the Catfish is an episodic series with 5 episodes in total planned, each of these episodes building on the mechanics and story as they go.  With a Game Boy Color inspired aesthetic and an original EDM soundtrack  by Jim Hort and a unique resource management based combat system, I hope you enjoy this first entry into this strange new series.

A Game by Visitors From Dreams
Music by Jim Hort
Additional Music by Agent Ape:
Promo Art by Nathan Malone:

The game is available for download on for both Windows and Max OSX (requires Mac OS X 10.10 or better).